10th Street

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10th Street STR Single Malt 750ml

46% ABV (92 proof). Copper pot stilled single malt made in San Jose, CA. Imported malted barley from Scotland. The STR is a non-peated style, and STR stands for the maturation process; the casks are shaved, toasted, and recharred ex-bourbon barrels. 750ml $65.

10th Street Distiller's Cut 750ml

Distiller’s Cut is a malt lover’s dream. We stick to Old World tradition for our boldest, smokiest whisky. Using all copper pot stills, unique cuts during distillation, imported peated barley, and aged in bourbon barrels; this appeal to the malt and peat lover has hints of citrus and berry, while delivering a woody, earthy, and smoky statement. (44% ABV)